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750 Spaans Dr Ste C,D, F Galt, CA330 S. Fairmont Ste 2 Lodi, CA400 S Fairmont Ave, Lodi, CA

Visit Us Daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

750 Spaans Dr Ste C,D, F Galt, CA330 S. Fairmont Ste 2 Lodi, CA400 S Fairmont Ave, Lodi, CA
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Discover Hope with MAT: Towns Health Services’ Expert Approach to Addiction Recovery

At Towns Health Services, we offer a beacon of hope for those grappling with addiction. Whether you're seeking to continue Suboxone treatment or exploring MAT for the first time, our expert team is dedicated to guiding you on a personalized journey to recovery.


Why Consider Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

MAT has revolutionized recovery from addiction, offering effective management of withdrawal symptoms and reducing the risk of relapse. By combining FDA-approved medications with counseling and support services, MAT provides a holistic approach to treating substance use disorders.

Our MAT Services

Suboxone Treatment Continuation

For those on an existing Suboxone regimen, we ensure a seamless continuation of your treatment, maintaining the stability and progress you've achieved.

Beginning Your MAT Journey

New to MAT? We offer a range of options including Naltrexone, Acamprosate, Marinol, Vivitrol, and Naltrexone/Welbutrin. Our team will work with you to identify the best treatment plan for your unique needs.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Recognizing that each journey is unique, we tailor our treatments to align with your specific challenges and goals, ensuring a compassionate and effective recovery experience.

Common Questions About MAT

  • What insurances do you accept? 

    At Towns Health Services, we understand the concern about treatment costs. Rest assured, we accept most insurance plans. After scheduling your appointment, our team will assist you in verifying your benefits. Depending on your insurance coverage, your treatment may be fully covered, or you may have a deductible, copay, or coinsurance to consider. Our dedicated staff will guide you through this process and discuss all available options with you. You can take comfort in knowing that we are committed to ensuring affordable access to our services.
    We accept a wide range of insurance plans and review your insurance thoroughly to advise on the best treatment options covered under your plan. If there are any out-of-pocket costs or services not covered, we'll inform you promptly, ensuring no surprises.
    Our expert team is here to provide peace of mind by efficiently verifying your insurance, explaining your benefits, and outlining any patient responsibilities. Towns Health Services is in network with various insurance providers and we do accept out-of-network benefits, some of the insurance plans we accept are:
    ● Triwest Evernorth Medi-Cal● Cigna● Tricare
    Additionally, while we are in the process of finalizing contracts, we currently accept Out-of-Network (OON) benefits from:● Halcyon● Aetna● Magellan● HMC Health Works● Optum● Anthem● UHC● Multiplan● and more

  • How does MAT aid in addiction recovery?

    MAT helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to focus on recovery and counseling.

  • Is MAT a safe option for long-term recovery?

    Absolutely. MAT is a proven, safe approach when monitored by healthcare professionals, aiding in sustainable recovery.

  • Does insurance cover MAT services?

    Yes, most insurance plans, including those we accept at Towns Health Services, cover MAT services. Our team can assist you in understanding your coverage and maximizing your benefits.

Engaging Professionals and Organizations

We invite healthcare professionals and organizations to partner with us in providing comprehensive MAT options for clients or employees. Our collaborative approach ensures top-tier care and support.

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Ready to start or continue your journey with MAT? Towns Health Services is here to support every step of your path to recovery. Call us today at (209) 744-9909 or click the 'Book an Appointment' button to schedule your consultation. Take the first step towards a brighter, healthier future!

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