Partial Hospitalization Service CA

Partial hospitalization programs provide outpatient care in a hospital setting on a part-time basis, which can imply only during the day, only at night, or only on weekends. While less intensive than inpatient care, partial hospitalization offers care that is more comprehensive than other outpatient mental health treatment options. In partial hospitalization, patients will adhere to a care plan that is personalized for their needs and might combines different therapies including Group or individual therapy, Occupational therapy, Activity therapies like music, dance and art, family counseling, medical services, drug screening and more.

Typically, Partial Hospitalization starts with a diagnostic interview conducted by one of the qualified physicians. A different member of the care team will conduct a physical and take a medical history. The patient is also subjected to an alcohol and drug test as part of this intake assessment phase, and any serious mental health conditions that might require additional treatment will be assessed. With input from the patient and their family, a multidisciplinary team of mental and physical health professionals uses the data from these assessments to create an individual treatment plan. The plan covers the patient’s treatment goals as well as a discharge and relapse prevention strategy.

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