Outpatient Treatment Service CA

Outpatient treatment is a type of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery in which the patient lives at home while receiving treatment. There are various forms of outpatient therapy for instance Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), Psychoanalysis, Peer support groups, Family therapy and more. An individual with a secure living situation, minimal danger of suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, no significant history of drug relapses, and a commitment and willingness to improve and recover from their drug addiction are the best candidates for this program. A thorough evaluation to determine whether the patient is a good fit for the program, therapy, counselling, and a long-term relapse prevention strategy are all part of outpatient treatment.

Patients who need more intensive medical care to make sure there are no withdrawal symptoms that could be fatal might need to get care in a hospital, at least temporarily. Contact Towns Health to arrange an initial consultation if you or a loved one are battling with substance misuse and want to learn more about how programs might aid in recovery. During the consultation, we can determine the right course of treatment based on your current circumstances and treatment goals and address any queries you may have about recovering from addiction.


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