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Towns Health Services is committed to providing the best addiction and chemical dependency healthcare to adults (18 years and older) using proven therapeutic practices. Our treatment programs facilitate the successful rehabilitation of men and women with alcohol and/or drug addiction in a safe and structured learning environment.

We recognize addiction and or chemical dependency as being a lifelong disease that can be arrested. It is our goal to address all aspects of the disease physical, mental, and spiritual. Other important aspects of addiction that we address include the familial effects of the disease and codependency that can lead to unintentional relapse.

Addiction is a disease of the brain in which the pleasure centers have been hijacked. Our philosophy is to provide the best recovery information with many fun activities to help our patients resume healthy normal living patterns and activities.. Our goal is to diagnose and treat chemical dependency/drug addiction as early as possible and to help clients move towards their goals and passions in life.

Our programs place an emphasis on individual, group and family therapy throughout the program.  An initial screening is required to determine the level of care you may qualify. Towns Health Services also provides our clients with independent addiction assessments including the latest ASAM technology through the ASAM Continuum, classification, diagnosis, drug screening and treatment/referral recommendations.

Assessment utilizing the ASAM Continuum Available

Here at Towns Health Services we utilize the latest technology to provide you the best care available. CONTINUUM provides counselors, clinicians and other treatment team members with a structured interview for assessing and caring for patients with addictive, substance-related and co-occurring conditions.

The decision engine uses research-quality questions to generate a comprehensive patient report, that details DSM substance use disorder diagnoses, severity and imminent risks as well as a recommended level of care determination during our assessment process. This will allow you to be placed in the correct level of care based on many years of research to ensure that you are receiving the correct level of care.